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Riddle me this....

 Should an employee continue to get paid when their products are flawed? Rhetorical question, right?  Guess What?!? Teachers are not penalized for student failures. Some of you may say, ‘it’s the students whose at fault.  They should pay attention. It’s not the teachers at fault.'  But, what are the products?  Babies who just learned to walk. They are children in need of guidance, discipline, and emotional stability.  What if the supervisor (teachers) aren’t qualified to manage

About Me

My Background


I received my Bachelor's Degree in education and went on to receive my Master's Degree in Psycholgy. I have been working as a teacher and consultant teacher for the past  30 years in an urban school district.

My Experience


I am a member of several professional grassroot organizations and has traveled extensively across the states evaluating the weakness in our educational system.  My parent’s guide is the key to what type of parental involvement will address the reasons urban children, specifically, children of color, are trailing behind other ethnic groups. This will be done through a consulting session to develop tools you can use when you walk away from the seminar. 

About Me


When I'm not researching and working on my manuscript, I enjoy family time to bond, which often means a family trip.  I have four (4) children, 12 grands and one(1) great grand (skip generation with 2 of the grands).



Intro Consultation

My goal is to empower parents, students & community in the role of advocacy, using a system of tools I developed using research to data. This is done through a 75 min high interest presentation.  Participants will walk away with tools to use now & my book, “Parents Take Charge: Hold Them Accountable.”


Hourly Consultations

I am available on an hourly basis to give parents advice about evaluating the right classroom for their student (child). My Resource book includes an evaluation kit to determine the student’s learning modality. I will reveal how to determine if the teacher demonstrates quality pedagogical skills across the domains.

All so common in this society where our students struggle to exist.

Complete Placement Service

I offer a complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals, advising the parent throughout the special education process, determining goals and classroom fit. 

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I understand that the needs of each school  community is different and unique in how parents are involved. To what extent is your involvement making an impact on the school environment and your student’s academic success? My tools are designed to gauge quality instruction.

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